Ambition Might Just Ruin Me.

It is a pure coincidence that this is written 6 months on from my inaugural blog post. Sorry I haven’t written since, I’ve been busy living the blogger life.

Just kidding. You might wanna sit down for this though…

I’ll start off by giving a quick update since my last post.

Since October 9th 2017, I have had lots of fun and lots of not fun. After writing about musical comedy I went on to release the Dead Spider song (as seen above) and wrote a parody of Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You about Conspiracies, which I still love. The feedback from both has been excellent and my Nan continues to sing “Oh I Oh I Oh I” every single time I see her.  Bless. I have two new original songs ready for release so they’re coming soon. In other areas of life, my YouTube grew quite a bit in November/December and has remained quite stale in 2018 so far. I’m still uploading which is good, but not many new subscribers are coming through the metaphorical door. My podcast is growing well however we’ve had a major location problem and haven’t recorded an episode in about 2 months, this is now rectified and we are back on it I promise.

Update over, I think.


In December, I did that Vlogmas thing on YouTube but because I’m not Christmas’ No. 1 fan, I dubbed it ‘Anti Vlogmas’. I posted the above video on the 11th December.

“In 2018 I will be writing, directing….a four part fictional series”

This self-quote will the basis of today’s blog…

Where do I start? It has been in the back of my mind, ever since I uploaded the video. A public promise that no one is really relying on but myself. This is an idea that I’ve been sitting on since Halloween 2017, I remember coming up with it. A mini-series that left people wanting more at the end of every episode, investing in the characters, wanting answers to all of the questions raised. It’s not something I just came up with willy-nilly (sorry I can’t think of the correct language), this is something I am passionate about bringing to life and showing people. But because I came up with it at such a jam-packed time in my life it is constantly on the back burner. First Conspiracies got in the way, then Anti Vlogmas. In January-February I took about a month away from YouTube and all of my own projects to just binge Netflix and eat lots of M&Ms. Then came March, I uploaded videos and told myself to kickstart all my projects again. Suddenly the series came forefront.

I wrote out a basic concept and got really excited and imaginative and hoped I could pull it off before realising that it wasn’t realistic to get 6 characters in a mansion….

I re-wrote the concept 3 more times and I think I’ve landed on something ambitious but attainable. After that, I wrote detailed character outlines. Some are finished, some may need tweaks but they’re on paper (digital paper).

I embarked on putting together my first page of script.

An Untitled Mystery Project

by Iain Richards

Next Page.

I have never written a script for TV/Film before. Sure I’ve made short films. One was an artistic piece written by someone else so I didn’t take much notice of the screenplay given. The others were all detailed concepts and improvised comedy pieces. I’ve written a okay from A Level Drama but a screenplay is totally different.

This is where I am now. I’m reading. A LOT.

I’ve bought the Inception, Dark Knight Trilogy and Star Wars screenplays. I have tonnes more downloaded on my laptop. I’ve read pilots for sitcoms like Friends and Scrubs, I’ve got films from La La Land to Straight Outta Compton.

I’ve learned a lot in such little time, I have noted techniques I want to include and approaches and experiments I want to make in my own writing. I’ve noticed how different writers will do certain things in a different way and I can tell when I’ve downloaded a phony script clearly written by someone who just watched it and relayed it on paper (digital paper).

“In 2018 I will be writing, directing….a four part fictional series”

All I know is I was way too ambitious in that video. I’ll be surprised if I even finish writing in 2018, let alone shooting or releasing it. It’ll be a crazy ride.


This is no 2,000 words like last time, that was a pretty special case, but I will not leave it another 6 months to write you again. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading, please publicly tell me you love via Twitter. I hope you’ve taken something away from this.

IR x

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