On May 1st 2017, Iain whipped out his iPhone 7 and pressed record. He started vlogging.

In what started as something long and time consuming, his YouTube series “A Week With Iain” became humorous and snappy. The premise: Iain vlogs everything he does all week and does his best to make everything funny. He uploaded these every Monday afternoon and was his main input to his YouTube channel.

A few months later, Iain decided more uploads was the key to growing an audience, he started making ‘sit-down’ videos to upload every Thursday, these included ‘Try Not To Cringe Challenge’, ‘5 Artists I’ve Found’ and ‘Snap Maps Aren’t Bad’.

In August 2017, Iain decided he would stop uploading as consistently as has done. He would take the month to create a new, fresh show that could be his niche on the platform. After an old teacher passed away in this time, Iain uploaded a video he made in his class. Titled ‘Paramedics: The TV Show’, Iain was tasked with creating the opening scenes and title sequence to a comedy series. Iain co-wrote, directed and starred in this, one of his most viewed videos on his channel to date.

Follow this link to see Iain’s YouTube work.